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Videos, packing lists, must-see sites, maps, online community, and more!


See the Holy Land like never before with interactive maps of the most sacred and powerful places in the Bible.


Learn valuable insight from the most experienced and educated tour guides and scholars on the land of Israel. Access includes complimentary digital copy of Josh Weidmann and Merilyn Copland’s book He Walked with Us.


In-depth video tours and presentations on what to expect, how to pack, which sites to visit, and more.


Detailed travel checklists to help you best prepare for your Holy Land experience.


We provide an online community to make the most of your time before, during, and after your visit to Israel. Connect with others to share how your trip to Israel is influencing your faith.


Over 1.8 million Protestants travel to Israel every year… many are unprepared in essential areas:

  • Uneducated on specific historical locations and their importance to the Christian faith
  • Do not pack the right travel items or clothing
  • Are undereducated about the rich history and sites to see in Israel
  • Feel alone or unsupported in their preparation or travel

Do not waste your trip to the Holy Land! Prepare for Israel gives you spectacular resources to equip and prepare you for a trip of a lifetime as we walk where Jesus, David, Elijah, Moses, and so many others walked and lived. Are you ready?


  • Complimentary digital copy of Dr. Merilyn Copland and Josh Weidmann’s book He Walked with Us
  • 20+ Videos in Video Library
  • Regional Maps of Israel and Popular Destinations
  • Packing and Travel Checklists (What to bring, passport forms, and more!)
  • Online Community of Travelers
  • Infographics
  • Photo Gallery to upload memories from your trip
  • Connect with Pastor Josh Weidmann and Tour Guide Guy Leibovitz


Founder Josh Weidmann personally experienced the frustration of being unprepared during one of his first visits to Israel. Our vision is to help spiritually prepare and practically empower travelers with the insight and resources needed for a life-changing visit to the Holy Land.

Prepare for Israel is an online educational resource library to help travelers of any background experience the land of Israel unlike any other trip.

Click here to learn more about our team and our mission.

FAQs about Prepare for Israel

FAQ 1 | Is Prepare for Israel a tour company or are you connected with any specific touring company?

Prepare for Israel is not a tour company. We are an online educational resource community. If you need to find a tour company, we can help you get started.

FAQ 2 | Who is this site for?

This site is mainly targeted as Protestants who are traveling to Israel. The travel information is relevant to anyone who is traveling to the land of Israel. However, our site content is mainly written for Protestants.

FAQ 3 | How long will I have access to the content?

Your membership gets you one year’s worth of access to the content. You can then renew at a discounted rate.

FAQ 4 | Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, we do! Please contact us to learn more about our discounted rates.

FAQ 5 | Why did you create this site?

After leading several trips to Israel, we realized that a lot of travelers are not prepared for the experience. We created Prepare for Israel as a resource library to make sure people are prepared for Israel with travel information, spiritual guidance, and more.

FAQ 6 | Do you offer refunds?

Yes! If, for any reason, you’d like a refund, we will refund you. No questions asked.

FAQ 7 | What if I can’t afford the membership?

Contact us. We do not want the price to deter you from being prepared for your trip to Israel. We will work with you.

FAQ 8 | Can I download the information on this site to take it with me to Israel?

Many of the blog posts, checklists, graphics, and the book He Walked with Us are available for download. The videos are protected and not available for download, but they can be accessed via the Internet.