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We help practically equip and spiritually educate travelers for their Holy Land experience.

Pastor Josh Weidmann traveled to the land of Israel in 2012. Although he has extensive Bible training and knowledge, he found himself frustrated at his lack of knowledge about the historical context of different destinations around Israel. He resolved never to experience the lack of insight for himself or anyone else on being spiritually and practically prepared to visit Israel in the future.

Josh returned to Israel a few months later with his Bible and a three-ring binder full of writings by Dr. Merilyn Copland, then former Professor of Bible, Theology, and Archaeology at William Jessup University. He studied numerous sites around the land of Israel that ignited the vision for Prepare for Israel. After his return, Josh connected with Dr. Copland and they later co-authored He Walked with Us, an in-depth review of over 25 historical sites around Israel that can still be visited today.

Prepare for Israel is an online educational resource library created to prepare travelers spiritually and practically for visiting the land of Israel. It is our hope that your faith will grow tremendously as you learn why the ancient land of Israel matters to our modern world.

Here are just a few of the topics we cover with Prepare for Israel:

  • Spiritual insight to connect your faith with your feet in Israel
  • Practical resources, like packing and travel checklists, passport forms, regional maps, and more.
  • Online community to discuss your experiences
  • Video resources to answer some of the most common questions and interests about the land and history of Israel.


Our Prepare for Israel team has traveled the land of Israel extensively and shared about their experiences to help you enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

Josh Weidmann

Pastor, Author, and Tour Guide

Josh provides in-depth biblical teaching throughout Prepare for Israel to connect the pages of Scripture with the Protestant faith today.

Guy Leibovitz

Israeli Tour Guide

Guy is a licensed and trained tour guide by the State of Israel who shares from his experiences on how to get the most out of your tour to Israel’s must-see locations.

Merilyn Copland, PhD

Author and former Professor of Bible, Theology, and Archaeology

Dr. Copland draws from her many years of education and research into the historical and archaeological significance of the land of Israel.


Our team of experts who will journey with you as you Prepare for Israel.

Joseph Siacunco, M.Div.


Joseph holds a Master’s of Divinity degree from Denver Seminary and provides biblical and theological information pertinent to experiencing Israel more fully.